Ticketing Questions

Do I have to buy tickets in advance?

We end all online ticket sales 24 hours before events.

Depending on the event, we may have a very limited number of tickets available for sale at the door.

Will I need to show tickets at check-in?

Nope! You will not need to show any tickets, either on paper or on your phone. At check in, we will have a list of guest names, and we will ask to see your photo ID to confirm your name.

Can I cancel tickets or transfer them to another party?

We are not able to refund tickets, but we can offer partial credits that guests can use towards future events in certain circumstances. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

We are not currently able to transfer event tickets to other parties.

General Childcare Questions

What ages of children can you supervise in the childcare area?

We are currently able to supervise children ages six months and up.

The majority of our activities are geared for children under age six, so older kids may prefer to bring along an activity.

How many children in my family can attend?

We are generally able to offer care for two children per family per event.

In certain situations, we may be able to accept three children from the same family. Please email us for more details.

Can I bring kids with me that aren’t mine (like my friend’s or family member’s kid)?

We are only able to care for children when their parent or legal guardian is at the event site. Please do not bring any children with you if you are not their parent or legal guardian.

Can I have a friend or family member drop my kids off/pick my kids up for me?

No. We are only able to release children to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who are attending the event.

Can I drop my kids off in the childcare area and leave to go run an errand quick?

No. Parents must remain on-site during the entire duration of all ParentSquad events. For legal and safety reasons, we must be able to find you and bring you to the childcare area at any time if necessary. If you need to leave the event, you must return to the childcare area and take your children with you.

How does the Childcare Check in/Check out process work?

Our check-in process is simple: show a photo ID, sign in, and get wristbands for you and your child. You may go with your children into the childcare area to help get them comfortable.

At check out, we will ask to see your photo ID again as well as your wristband.

Where exactly will the kids be during the event?

Every event site is different, but the childcare room is always an inside, enclosed room with a door that is separate from the main event space. Whenever possible, these areas will be out of earshot and eyesight from each other.

What activities are available for my kids?

Our childcare areas have a variety of safe, fun, and age-appropriate toys, books, games, puzzles, and art supplies.

Our staff will help children direct their own play by observing and following their cues. Depending on the event, our staff may lead group activities such as art projects, games, reading times, or singing/dancing. Staff will invite all children to take part in these group activities, and children can choose an alternate activity if they prefer.

Can I visit the childcare area during the event?

You are welcome to visit the childcare area at any time. You may also text us at 608-960-8314 at any time to check in on the status of your child. We aim to reply to all requests within 15 minutes.

How will you let me know if my kid needs me?

If your child becomes upset, disruptive, ill, or injured, we will find you and have you come to the childcare area. If we cannot locate you, we will call your cell phone. As a last resort, we will use any public paging systems available at the event site.

Can I keep my children with me during events?

Children are not permitted within adult event areas. Unless an event states that children may be a part of the main event, kids should go to the childcare area or stay with an alternate caregiver.

Do you provide food in the childcare area?

Yes- we will have water, juice, and light snacks such as crackers and fruit available in the childcare area. Some events may provide more food for children as described in the event description.

Parents may pack snacks for their children, as long as the food meets these requirements:

  • Prepackaged (no homemade items or food packaged at home to follow health regulations and reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions)

  • Shelf-stable (not requiring refrigeration)

  • Nut-free

If you would prefer that we do not provide food to your child, let us know at check-in.

Do you change diapers or accompany children to the restroom?

Yes! We change diapers for children who are not toilet trained, and we will take children who are toilet trained to the bathroom. If your child is still using diapers, please make sure to bring ample diapers and wipes along with you. We do not supply diapers or wipes.

If you would prefer that we not change your child’s diapers or take them to the bathroom, let us know at check-in.

Do you provide an area for naps?

No- we do not provide an area for children to take naps while at ParentSquad events. We do not recommend bringing children to events that take place during their normal nap time.

Health & Safety

What are your staff to child ratios?

We aim to meet or exceed the child-to-staff ratios required of licensed childcare providers in the State of Wisconsin:


1 year              1:4

2 years             1:6

3 years             1:8

4 years and up          1:10

Is ParentSquad a licensed childcare provider?

Due to our mobile nature, we are not able to become licensed as a childcare provider.

We care about the health and safety of the children under our supervision. Many of our staff have experience working in licensed childcare facilities, and the owner has a Master's degree in Public Health. All staff have passed a criminal background check and have completed training in First Aid & CPR.

We have used the guidelines set by the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families as the foundation for our policies. If you have a particular question about our policies, please feel free to email us.

Will I have to sign a liability waiver?

All event guests will have to sign a Liability Waiver & Release form and a Medical Disclosure & Authorization form before entering. These forms help protect our business and make sure that we can provide proper medical attention to our event guests in emergencies. You can view these forms here.

My kid has been sick recently. Can we still come to the event?

To protect everyone's health, guests, children, and employees should not attend events if they have had any of these symptoms in the prior 24 hours:

  • Nausea/vomiting

  • Consistent diarrhea

  • Oral temperature above 101 degrees F (or axillary temperature above 100 degrees F)

  • Persistent cough

  • Congestion/runny nose

  • Sore throat

  • Other obvious infectious conditions such as pink eye, chicken pox, or head lice

We do offer credits for future event(s) if you are unable to come to an event due to illness. Please see our Refund Policy for full information.

Are your staff able to provide first aid?

Yes, our staff have completed training in First Aid & CPR, and we bring a fully stocked first aid kit to all events. We generally will not perform first aid without getting consent from the individual or a parent/guardian. We will provide first aid in the event that a child requires immediate care and we cannot locate a parent immediately.

Will you provide medications to children?

Our staff will not administer medication to children. Parents may visit the childcare area at any time to provide medication to their children.

Special note about epi-pens: If a child has an allergic condition and may need an epi-pen, parents should bring the epi-pen with them and leave it in the childcare area. If a child appears to be having an allergic reaction, we will come and find the parent and bring them to the childcare area to administer the epi-pen. Our staff will only administer the epi-pen in the event that we cannot find the parent immediately.

What infection control & prevention practices do you use?

We decrease the risk of infectious disease spread among our guests and employees by:

  • Engaging in frequent handwashing

  • Using alcohol based gel sanitizer

  • Using gloves during diaper changes/handling of infectious fluids.

We disinfect diaper changing stations after every use. We also disinfect hard plastic surfaces and toys during and after events.

Event Questions

Where do you hold events?

We hold events at businesses, community centers, and other event venues in the greater Madison area. We are always looking for new spaces that could be a good fit for our events. Let us know if you have a suggestion for where we should hold an event.

What kind of events do you do?

Our events fall into four main categories: dates, self-care, socials, and hobbies/classes. We plan to offer a variety of events that help parents achieve happiness in all facets of their lives.

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