What sort of space is required for on-site childcare?

We need to have access to a small enclosed room at the event site without any major hazards (such as breakable decor). Meeting/conference rooms often work well. We would be happy to communicate with the event venue on your behalf to make sure we find a space that works well. You would be responsible for paying any rental fees and other charges associated with the use of the room.

Our staff would need to have access to this room one hour prior to the childcare start time to childproof and setup, as well as one hour afterward to tear down and clean up.



What kinds of toys/equipment would you bring?

We have a large library of games, toys, and art supplies for a wide variety of ages. If we know ages or interests in advance, we will try to customize our selections to fit the children we will be watching. We usually also bring in rubber floor tiles and pillows to create a comfy reading nook or play area.

We would love to create a custom art project, activity, or goody bag that matches the theme of your events. Let us know if you might be interested in this option, and we will work together to come up with something unique for your event.

How is childcare registration handled?

Ideally, your event guests would register for childcare in advance of your event. This allows us to prepare properly for the number and ages of children that will be attending. If necessary, registration can be done at the door, however we can only accept a certain number of children before we hit our maximum and have to turn further attendees away.

Advance sign-ups would be handled completely by us through our website. We would set up your own registration page on our website where people could sign up for childcare before the event based on the number of children they would be bringing.

All attendees will have to fill out a registration form and sign a Waiver of Liability before utilizing our childcare service.



How many staff would be present?

A minimum of two ParentSquad staff must be present at every event. Larger events may require additional staff members.

Depending on ages, we can often watch 10-15 kids with two staff people, and up to 25 kids with three staff. 

All of ParentSquad’s Event Staff are highly experienced caregivers with background checks and CPR/First Aid training. Most of our staff have full time jobs as professional childcare providers, and all are over age 18. 

How much do your services cost?

We can generally offer two different payment arrangements based upon an event organizer’s wishes/budget:

1) We can charge attendees directly for childcare. We typically charge a flat rate per family for one kid and then a reduced flat rate for each additional child per family. As the event organizer, you would need to guarantee us a minimum spend for the night, which would be paid at booking as a non-refundable deposit; this deposit would be refundable after the event as long as the minimum spend was met by your attendees. Otherwise, you would get a partial refund equal to the amount paid by your attendees. 


2) We can charge the entire amount due to the event organizer.

For public drop in events- event organizers will pay us the minimum spend at booking as a non-refundable deposit, and then pay any additional amount due based on actual attendance costs after the event.

For private events- event organizers will pay us half the total service charge at booking as a non-refundable deposit and the other half would be due 30 days prior to the event.

Total costs and minimum spends vary based upon the number of staff we were bringing, the ages of children being watched, type event, and the total length of time required.