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We host pop-up social events for parents with on-site childcare


the mom behind the biz


Hello there! I’m Danielle, founder, owner, and mom behind ParentSquad.

This picture was taken one year ago when my husband and I were out on a rare date night after leaving my 8 month old son home with grandma.

I remember that it was so amazing to feel completely free from the responsibilities of parenting for just a few short hours. It was a wonderful and fleeting glimpse of life before the responsibilities of parenthood. I mean, of course, pretty much all we did that night was talk about our son and share cute photos with each other that we had taken of him that day, but still...we felt free.

And at the end of the night, we were able to relax and laugh and reconnect, returning home lighter and better able to tackle the challenges of parenthood.

That’s why I’m creating ParentSquad- to help moms and dads get out of the house and feel like themselves again.

All ParentSquad events — including date nights, mixers, and classes— will help parents relax, recharge, and reconnect with themselves and others. Plus, all of our events will offer safe and fun childcare on-site, eliminating the need for parents to navigate the headache of arranging childcare on their own.