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ParentSquad event tickets are not refundable. We are happy to offer our guests the ability to cancel tickets and receive a credit equal to 50% of their ticket price under certain circumstances:

  • Guests must send cancellation requests to us by email at least 24 hours before the event start time. If we receive your request on time, we will email you a discount code equal to 50% of your event ticket price. You will be able to use this credit towards future event tickets. The same customer who purchased the initial ticket must use the credit. All credits expire 180 days (6 months) after the original event date.

  • We are able to provide partial credits when only certain guest(s) from your party are unable to come. For example, if you buy tickets for both you and your spouse, and your spouse will not be able to come, we can provide a credit for 50% of your spouse's ticket price.

  • We do not provide credits in the following circumstances:

    • When guests do not show to an event or they notify us less than 24 hours before the event start time,

    • When guests arrive late, leave early, or otherwise spend less time at the event than expected, and

    • When guests cannot enter an event for reasons including (but not limited to) obvious signs of illness or the guest’s failure to buy tickets for the proper number/ages of children

Ticket Transfers

We are not currently able to transfer event tickets to other parties.

Event Cancellation

If we cancel an event due to weather or other circumstance, we will inform guests as soon as possible via email.

If possible, we will reschedule events, and tickets will transfer to the new event date. If the new date does not work for you, you may request a full refund or credit by email.

If an event is cancelled and we are unable to reschedule, we will refund tickets in full.

Last updated 3/24/2019

We reserve the right to adjust this refund policy at any time for any reason.